Contrary to what you may think, this is not a case of love at first sight...

"Wah, long time never see, you put on weight le hor?” Contrary to what you may think, this is not a case of love at first sight. Bellina and Junda first met during NCC days way back when they were in Secondary School. Junda studied in the west district while Bel studied in the east. They would have never met had they not bus pooled together during a combined NCC event.


Junda ~ “On the bus ride, she caught my eye… well actually, my ear when I noticed a strange girl yodelling Air Supply’s All Out of Love.”

Bel ~ “It was not the most graceful rendition of the song, I do admit.”

But Junda did not muster up courage to talk to Bel then. Instead, he secretly remembered Bel’s name on her name tag and promptly went back home to find her on social media.

Bel ~ “Facebook wasn’t even around then, at that time it was Friendster!”

Through the years, they kept in touch via text messages and slowly Friendster was no more, and Facebook is here today.

Bel ~ “He suggested catching a movie together and I mistakenly chose the most expensive seats at GV Gold Class. I told him to reserve the seats on our behalf without realising that it would have costed an arm and leg for the average teenager.”

“His first texts to me after he paid for the tickets online was “Wah, 1st time go out only, you want to spend all my money.”

And when we finally spotted each other in the crowd, he told me “Wah, long time never see, you put on weight le hor?”

It was not Junda’s finest hour.

Junda (chuckles) ~ “I didn’t think there would be a 2nd date.”

But there was a 2nd date. And then another. And further more to come.

What really sealed the deal for Bellina was that Junda was always around for her, in good times and in bad. When she was going through a hard patch coping with her father’s demise, Junda packed dinner and boardgames and whisked her away to Marina Barrage for peace and solitude and heart-to-heart conversations.

Similarly, Bel was always on hand to lend a listening ear whenever Junda was handling a rough week at work. (He’s an SAF Regular Serviceman with ironically, irregular outfield schedules.)

Bellina and Junda credits these key ingredients to making a marriage successful.

"Just peace, solitude and a good heart-to-heart chat."

Wedding Location: Flutes
Photography: ThePicturestory: {Weddings}

Flowers: Floral Magic
Video: Sloth Creatives
Hair & Make-up: Christine Tan
Groom's suit: Mr Bulli & Sons
Bride's top: Mr Bulli & Sons & GUESS